Final Post — Concept: Alexa Golden Images with Packer on AWS, Azure, and GCP

  • Provider: Cloud provider told to Alexa
  • Decision: Yes/No to Inspector scan question
  • Operating System: OS told to Alexa
  • Download the latest, preconfigured Packer build config JSON, depending on the Cloud Provider, that was stored in an S3 bucket.
"variables": {
"aws_access_key": "",
"aws_secret_key": "",
"packer_vpc_id": "",
"packer_subnet_id": "",
"packer_security_group": "",
"ami_name": ""
"builders": [{
"type": "amazon-ebs",
"access_key": "{{user `aws_access_key`}}",
"secret_key": "{{user `aws_secret_key`}}",
"type": "amazon-ebs",
"region": "us-east-1",
"source_ami": "ami-0947d2ba12ee1ff75",
"instance_type": "m4.large",
"ssh_username": "ec2-user",
"ami_name": "{{user `ami_name`}}",
"ssh_timeout": "5m",
"iam_instance_profile": "SSMAutomationPackerCF",
"vpc_id": "{{user `packer_vpc_id`}}",
"subnet_id": "{{user `packer_subnet_id`}}",
"security_group_id": "{{user `packer_security_group`}}",
"associate_public_ip_address": true
"provisioners": [{
"type": "shell",
"inline": ["sudo yum update -y"]
"variables": {
"client_id": "",
"client_secret": "",
"tenant_id": "",
"subscription_id": "",
"location": "",
"managed_image_name": ""
"builders": [{
"type": "azure-arm",
"client_id": "{{ user `client_id` }}",
"client_secret": "{{ user `client_secret` }}",
"tenant_id": "{{ user `tenant_id` }}",
"subscription_id": "{{ user `subscription_id` }}",
"managed_image_resource_group_name": "packer-azure-resource-group",
"managed_image_name": "{{ user `managed_image_name` }}",
"os_type": "Linux",
"image_publisher": "Canonical",
"image_offer": "UbuntuServer",
"image_sku": "18.04-LTS",
"image_version": "latest",
"location": "{{ user `location` }}",
"vm_size": "Standard_B2s"
"provisioners": [{
"type": "shell",
"inline": ["sudo yum update -y"]
"variables": {
"account_file": "",
"project_id": "",
"zone": "",
"image_name": ""
"builders": [{
"type": "googlecompute",
"project_id": "{{user `project_id`}}",
"source_image": "debian-9-stretch-v20200805",
"zone": "{{user `zone`}}",
"ssh_username": "packer",
"account_file": "{{ user `service_account_json`}}",
"image_name": "{{ user `image_name`}}"
"provisioners": [{
"type": "shell",
"inline": ["sudo yum update -y"]
ssm_client = boto3.client('ssm', region_name=region)
response = ssm_client.start_automation_execution(
"TemplateFileName": <template_file>,
"TemplateS3BucketName": <bucket_name>,
"Mode": ["Build"]
execution_id = response["AutomationExecutionId"]
status = "InProgress"
while status in ["Pending","InProgress"]:
updated = ssm_client.get_automation_execution(AutomationExecutionId=execution_id)
status = updated['AutomationExecution']['AutomationExecutionStatus']
findings_response = inspector_client.list_findings(
'severities': ['High']
findings_details = inspector_client.describe_findings(findingArns=findings_list, locale='EN_US')
def parse_findings(findings_data):
""" Parse findings into something useful """
findings_parsed =[]
for details in findings_data['findings']:
if details is not None:
details['recommendation'] = re.sub('\s+',' ', details['recommendation']).strip()
details['title'] = re.sub('\s+',' ', details['title']).strip()
details['description'] = re.sub('\s+',' ', details['description']).strip().replace('Description ', 'Description: ')
finding = {
"rule_id": details['id'].strip(),
"recommendation": details['recommendation'],
"severity": details['severity'].strip(),
"title": details['title'],
"description": details['description']
return findings_parsed




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