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  • fa li

    fa li

  • Sajjad Hassanzadeh

    Sajjad Hassanzadeh

    Pythonista / Django Developer /#SOReady2Help!

  • Ken Connell

    Ken Connell

  • Tamara Leigh

    Tamara Leigh

    Creative aspirant who loves to find Synchronicity and Cosmic validation through her mediums. Nerdy for Learning!

  • Oleksandr Zarnytskyi

    Oleksandr Zarnytskyi

    Ecosystem early adapter, visionary, BigData πŸ’š Decentralized economy, CBDC

  • Khader Mohammed

    Khader Mohammed

    CEO/CTO β€” AI ML start-up, AWS/GCP Cloud Solutions Architect/DevOps, Google Data Eng/Google Cloud Arch, Digital Trans Exec, CISO/CSM/EA/Investor/Mgt Consulting

  • Marco Garcia

    Marco Garcia

    Security Consultant | #SOAR Security Orchestration Automation & Response | #Splunk Enthusiast | Certified Splunk Architect | #Cybersecurity

  • Toan Tran

    Toan Tran

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